Fourteen years of selling in the Internet, DrJay fashion can already claim a reputation of excellence for its name. The legacy of offering just about anything of top quality to the market started in 1975, in an actual store located in the South Bronx section of New York. The passion goes on until the world of web revolutionized business processes, offering each business a chance to shine in a different avenue, wider than the whole of the United States. It was very timely that the concept of bringing multi-brand in one site became one of the leading marketing trends here and everywhere.

The first DrJay store was born in the midst of hip hop and other urban lifestyles in the wide Bronx neighborhood.   This constituted to the success of their store theme. The store had opened a new world of fashion sensibility.  DrJay had served the urban fashion fanatics in the whole of New York area for 25 years and it has been a rewarding experience for them to be able to do so; so expect a worthwhile shopping experience the next time you visit New York. If you happen to be an out-of-state customer in an international location, then experience it through the tip of your fingers as you toggle from one product to another at and make a purchase. The site guarantees a good choice among different superior brands in the world

I have visited the site and here are few of the amazing finds from Supra Brand.

The Skytop Embossed Mesh Hightop Sneakers by Supra

If you want flexibility and full support for your feet, then this is the best pair for you. As the product name suggests, an embossed mesh locates itself on the sides and collar making it appear cooler and fresher. It is easy to tell that this pair from Supra distributed by DrJay is totally comfortable to your feet, with a padded mesh sock lining, as well as a padded collar and tongue. A proof for Supra quality is visible in the shoe tongue, as Supra logo displays in this area right where you tie the laces. It is good for walking, running, and exercise, not just because it’s flexible, but with the herringbone patterned SUPRAFOAM mid-sole and durable rubber sole, it is quite clear that the shoes can provide slip-free grip and durability.

The Skytop Yellow Mesh Purple Lined Hightop Sneakers by Supra

Girls, here is your chance to get a nice pair of urban fashion shoes from DrJay. The yellow colored material made of nylon and mesh upper is very feminine-looking. It is also a good pair for running and long distance walking with its soft collar and foamed tongue feature. The mesh is not just for good ventilation, but for durable comfort and support, complemented by a durable rubber sole. There is nothing simpler than a seamless toe cap, but the design in its entirety looks elegant with an S-shaped rubber sole. The superior look is brought about by a designer name and logo on tongue and heel, displaying total quality brought forth by the reputation that Supra has earned for years.



Chinos and Tees are in fashion these days. The freedom of the movement that the chinos offer and the casual feeling brought by tees paved the way to fashionably donning what best complements it in your feet. What could be best than a good pair of Chukka Shoes? Chukka style of shoes, since it became a trend, has established a good team up with Chinos and tee. These are ankle length boots and look nothing different than the regular boots except of its striking two-eyelet design. The strict limitation of eyelets for lacing created an aura of minimalism.

Simple yet exciting, that is Chukka’s reputation since this type of shoes became popular in the 40s. The extreme popularity extended until the 50s when casual look was a hit. Some of the best Chukka Shoes the world has known were made from more exotic materials, calf and crocodile being the first. The suede material was a hit then and now. It is true that in the past, nice and durable pairs of Chukka shoes were worn by the British Forces in the Western Desert Campaign during the Second World War. This has become the legacy and pride of Chukka shoes. This is also the reason why Chukka’s are considered desert boots.

If you talk about the present- day collection of Chukka, these are all for the runways and mainly for fashion purposes, although today, some of them are still worn for the very same function, trekking the desert. It is a mainstay for travelers heading the Arabian Peninsula and other known desert in the world.

As individuals strut in the streets of New York, Paris, and Italy, Chukka is best in presenting a cutting edge style, and Topman in United Kingdom, US, and in some key areas is an authority to this. Nothing compares to the set of Chukka you may find at

Topman’s homepage displays a number of Chukka shoes, and every man who is into shopping online can easily grab a pair with discounts and nice promotional offers. As an outstanding men’s retail company, Topman started in 1970s as a major wing of the infamous Topshop which established this men’s shop, 14 years after a successful Topshop operation.

If you are not getting enough of this, then grab your mouse and check out the following pair of Chukka Shoes at and in selected Nordstrom shops all over the United States.

‘Anarchy’ Chukka Boots – Do you want brown suede materials for your Chukka Boots? Then this is the right pair for you, a Chukka that presents a clean look in a white rubber sole. 100% leather is a picture of great quality and durability. Minimalism is achieved with the minimal number of eyelets with a self-colored lace fastening. Available Anarchy Chukka shoes today are brown and blue. Other available models: Hudson Cruze Chukka and Fred Perry ‘Fletcher’ Chukka Shoes.

Check out other items at Topman, as they go on a 50% sale on selected items. Perfect for your great styling needs and perfect for your budget.


Just as it is with cars, where everyone has a particular make and model that they love, so it is with shoes. The reasons may range anywhere from the practical to the downright foolish but people have their opinions and they are entitled to them no matter what others may think. It is highly unlikely that everyone will agree with any list that is compiled and that is to be expected. Naturally some people that will think a particular brand should have made the list, while others will question why it is that some others did. Have a look and see how this list compares with yours.


In the minds of many persons the top athletic shoe brand is Nike. This American multinational corporation, which has its headquarters in Oregon in the United States, is considered to be the most valuable brand among sporting business. No doubt if purchasers of the goods that they produced were not happy with Nike’s offerings they would not hold that position. Among the factors that contribute to people’s love for Nike shoes are the originality of their designs and the many styles from which to choose. The fact that Michael Jordan has connections to the brand doesn’t hurt either.


Coming in at second on the list of most loved athletic shoe brands is Adidas, a German multinational corporation that is based in Bavaria, Germany. As is the case with most other similar brands Adidas also produces other apparel and bags. Founded in 1948, Adidas holds the distinction of being the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. The company is renowned for producing footwear with cleats. They have in the past been sponsors of top figures in the sporting world such as Sachin Tendulkar of cricketing fame, the tennis player Andy Murray, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who played basketball, to name a few. Stylish, comfortable, and competitively priced are some of the words people often use when referring to athletic footwear produced by Adidas.


Third on the list is Puma. Just like Adidas, Puma also is a German multinational corporation that is based in Bavaria, Germany. In fact, at one time in the past both companies were one entity until the two brothers who formed the company had a disagreement. The most notable of athletes sponsored by Puma is Jamaican track star Usain Bolt, who is the current world record holder over the 100 and 200-meter distance. Puma saw sales of their footwear skyrocket after Bolt began winning his races and breaking records. Puma athletic footwear has been described as, “everything one desires in sporting footwear”. Well-designed, attractive, and durable are adjectives often associated with Puma products.


Reebok takes fourth spot on the list. Since 2005 the company has been a subsidiary of Adidas, but prior to that it went by the name J.W. Foster and Sons. Founded in 1895 by J.W. Foster, the humble company has morphed into one of the athletic shoe powerhouses to be reckoned with today. The name Reebok is actually a corruption of the Afrikaans word rhebok, which means a type of African antelope or gazelle. Reebok is another of the brands people refer to as comfortable and affordable. The Zigtech shoe that they manufacture has come in for some rave reviews. Eli and his brother Payton Manning of American football fame are two of the top athletes that Reebok sponsors.

So there it is, the top four athletic shoes by their ranking. How does it compare with your list?


It has been said that sometimes simple is best and nowhere is this more applicable than when it comes to women’s shoes. Any woman who really knows about shoes will tell you that while there are times when the many colors, elaborate designs, and bells and whistles will be welcome in a pair of shoes, in the majority of cases simple gets the job done best. Now when simple and classy are combined in one product, the result is guaranteed to generate attention and draw looks of approval, as is the case with the Nine West Grasshopper.

The Nine West Grasshopper mentioned here bears absolutely no resemblance to the not so pretty insect that many are familiar with. So much so in fact that it has often been asked how exactly did this delightful pair of shoes get its name. One thing that is certain however is that the nine west part of the name comes from the name of the street on which the company’s founding location sits. This is 9 West 57th Street in New York City.

The upper of the Nine West Grasshopper is made of suede or satin in some instances. For the women who like to show off their perfectly pedicured toes and immaculately cared for heels, just the right amount of the wearer’s foot is exposed since it is a peep toe shoe and the heels are left bare. The shoes, reminiscent of slingbacks, fall into the category of “easy slip-on” wear and comes with an ankle strap. To ensure a snug fit the ankle strap has a miniscule gore. The footbed of the shoe, which is lightly cushioned, and the lining, are constructed from man-made materials. The heels of the Nine West Grasshopper are also made from man-made materials. They are of the platform variety and are wrapped. The dimensions of the heels are platform height 3/4 inch and heel height 5 inches. The weight of the shoes fall somewhere in the region of 10 oz. but may vary depending on its size. The finishing touch comes via some rhinestone accents located at the toecap.

Judging by the popularity and demand of the Nine West Grasshopper, this union between Nine West and seems to have produced a winning combination. Nine West is renowned for the speed with which it puts runway trends into the hands and onto the feet of the masses, while is known for its great deals on top quality footwear. In fact all it takes is a visit to their website at to confirm this and take advantage of the many sales, discounts, and great coupon deals that are always available. A great pair of shoes at less than half price is not something you see everyday so be sure to check it out. Your feet as well as your wardrobe will thank you for it!


Success in the market is not just based solely on the products, but also on the kind of customer service the company provides. If the company has all of these attributes, there is no doubt about getting a large percentage of the fashion industry. Great products plus wonderful people is equal to hitting the goal.  At Les Nouvelles, one can experience a truly edited selection of clothing, accessories and footwear. Contemporary fashion is the site’s true inspiration, and versatility is its true measure of quality. Here are the over-the-top footwear items at Les Nouvelles.

Francis Mesh Booties

Phillip Lim has created this perfect pair for the modern woman with a classic taste. No one can resist being fresh on your knees. This pair of Francis Mesh Booties presents a great deal of freshness and breathability. Truly sophisticated, this pair of Mesh booties is sleek and chic. The illusion of “barely there” draws attention, the mesh Nappa bonded and the polished leather upper is truly amazing. The closed round toe and the black zipper closure is one of the classic and edgy features that make women want it more. The leather sole is an indication of durability and top- level quality, plus the 4 inches by 10 cm matte black heel gives this pair a sexy feel. For the record, the amazing combo of 70% sheep leather with 30% Polyamide upper is a real deal.

Diamond D’Orsay Pump

Another Phillip Lim’s wonderful creation is this Diamond D’Orsay Pump which is feminine and sleek, with a subtle seductiveness. This pump has the same striking color and the Mesh Nappa Bond feature that Francis Mesh Booties provides. With the same classical pointed toe feature, this pump amazes all. The polished leather back offers the durability every woman wants. This has the best support and comfort brought about by the leather sole. The has the amazing combination of 60% kid leather, 20% sheep leather, and 20% polyamide upper.

Tasmin Classic Floral Pump

Two of the world’s favorite designers Loeffler and Tucker collaborated on this classic pair of shoes Tasmin Classic Floral Pump, a good addition to every woman’s wardrobe. Tucker’s specialty on floral printed linen maximized the silk fabric’s excellent property. The 75mm covered heel provides a smarter and a taller feel and the leather sole indicates total quality. has all these elegant pairs. With exciting promotion, everyone is about to enjoy a great deal of affordable fashion.



Hot defines Volatile. Volatile is the latest addition to the world’s great collection of shoes from Palos Verdes. Volatile’s success was unexpected, quickly becoming one of the fashion world’s personal forms of expression, growing to be an international brand. Volatile offers a diverse line, trendy and stylish enough to be recognized and featured on Project Runway. Fashion publications also feature Volatile’s remarkable success. For this development, Volatile collection has become more than just pricey shoes, but also a lifestyle.  Care to look at Volatile’s collection? Here it is.

Volatile Presto Silver Women

For a fresher feeling, there is nothing breather than the Volatile Presto Thongs. It is summer style at its best. The leather upper, plus the colorful bead detail on strap, makes it vibrant. It has 3 ½ heel for a smarter feel. The EVA cushioned foot bed provides the comfort that everyone seeks. For sure, the silver color is an elegant feature.

Volatile Dragon Brown Women

The dragon detail of this Volatile Dragon Brown Women provides this pair the right attitude, as it was told. The 4 inches wedges meets women’s requirement for height. The platform style presents a classic look. For added comfort and fit, a synthetic upper rings a bell. Loaded with EVA technology, the cushioned foot bed is great.

All three pairs of modern Volatile thongs are displayed at; one of the sites online where shoes are definitely trendy and stylish. Thongs eventually are considered the freshest of all shoe styles. Known today as flip flops, thongs modernize the historical Zori, the first ever thong in modern history. However, it was noted that the glory of thongs went as old as the Egyptian civilization where it was worn by both men and women.

As an open toed sandal, this has a Y strap which is probably the thong’s best part. The straps are sometimes loaded with embellishments, but sometimes kept simply-designed for variety of choices. With the development of things today, thongs are exclusively created as footwear for women, and often come with pearls, gemstones, plastic, cloth, metal, wood, and shell embellishments. These embellishments socialized the thong which is a significant deviation from its original reputation as indoor footwear.  Its outdoor nature nowadays requires a great deal of durability and top quality. Shoe manufacturers are aware of the risks that low -standard thongs gives to the market if not given enough thought and careful consideration. The use of substandard flip flops can result into many injuries, usually pain in the ankle and the sole. The lack of support often results to “over-pronation” injuries, tendonitis, and flat feet. With Volatile Collection this has never been a question. It is for this reason that the website takes pride in partnering with Volatile to give the world best Thongs everyone can rely on. This is an ultimately important thing as Flip Flops, the modern thong have found its way to the formal category, despite criticisms. Now is ready for this challenge.



Just new to the online shopping industry, Pink Basis is hoping to be the best among the leading apparel retailers across the globe. Established in 2012, Pink Basis focuses on satisfying customers, realizing that customers make their business alive. This is just the start of a very promising fashion success ahead.

In a few years after, Pink Basis hopes to present great quality evidently shown by its exceptional relationship with the manufacturer, offering low prices for items with the same quality as the expensive ones. Fast shipment is as good as the entertainment the site gives to its visitors. The spectacular collection of shoes, clothes, and accessories are pretty much explosive at One of my favorites is the sequined shoe collection. Let me take you through a quick overview below.

Historically, sequins were premier adornment since the earlier centuries, as old as the Indus Valley civilization that existed during 2500 BC. Originally made from shiny metals, today sequins are just plain plastics with a shimmering property, available in variety of colors and shapes. Sequins are common in bags, jewelry, clothes, and shoes. Usually attached with a thread, some sequins are multi-faceted increasing their ability to sparkle. It is in this mood that sequins are popular as costume enhancer, which means glitz and glamour. This is all so true with the sequined shoes lined up below:

Red Sequins Peep Toe Wedges

  1. The Canvas Wedge style is classic
  2. Its 2- inched wedge sole is just about the right length to meet the height requirement
  3. The Peep toe style upper offers a fresh feeling.
  4. The red sequins draw much attention.
  5. Square toe design is common online
  6. Available sequins color: red and blue

Red Fabric Sequin Overlay Peep toe Espadrille Wedges

  • Looking flirty and sultry with fabric materials
  • Sequins overlay
  • Pump styled with rounded peep toes
  • Cushioned foot bed for extra comfort and support
  • Espadrille bottom is classic
  • ½ inch platform and 3.5 inch wedge heels
  • Smooth soles

Black Snake Print Sequins Peep Toe Platform Chunky Heel Pump

  • Snake embossed faux leather upper
  • Platform pump style is a classic style
  • Round open toed properties
  • Sequins accents on the back that looked like a colored shimmering snake skin.
  • Smooth lining and comfortable foot bed.
  • 2 inches platform and 5.5 inches chunky heel.

Everything started with monk robes sold online by a company called Matthew Robes way back 2001. Founder Matthew Maloney, from which the name Matthew is derived from, decided to expand his monk robes into different costumes for the performing market. It wasn’t long until it has grown much, much more; and brought forth a change of name to Costume Craze. At present, still sells the original monk robes, and carries thousands of costumes and accessories to take pride with, all year round.

With a dedicated team of enthusiastic employees, the formerly home based business has become one of the largest costume retailers online catering to the need of the customers local and international. The company acknowledges that along with the unexpected success comes great responsibility of being reliable and trustworthy partners; delivering exceptional service, great affordability, and meeting the need for an exemplary shopping experience online.

One thing amazing with is the ability to transform costume pieces into something that can be worn on some other occasions. Take for example, the shoes collection. Some of the footwear items can be considered regular footwear, can be worn along with gowns, casual jeans, and regular dresses. Some of these footwear items do not look like costumes. The thing is, these footwear provides a different kind of enhancement compared to regular footwear pieces seen anywhere. Check out the following items, and know what the site is all about.And you can also save amount with the costumecraze coupons here.

WOMEN’s Red Glitter Shoes

This style is available in various colors. This Women’s Red Glitter Shoes – originally designed as a Red Riding Hood Costume or Sexy Devil costume; can be a great match to gowns, or solid white/ black formal dresses. The Glitters draw much attention and provides an aristocratic glamour. This pair features a classic T-strap, with an adjustable ankle. Very light at 1.81 pounds, this provides ease when walking.

Its top feature is the T-strap style; first popularized during the 1920s. This was the first style that came out during that generation where women were looking at shoes as a fashion that gives them a sexy aura. The pointed toe with a strap from the center attached to a horizontal strap that circles around the ankle was already considered sensual, defining the revealing style at that time. The T-strap has been considered a popular evening wear in the 30s and 40s.


This pair presents the great Roman style of the medieval period; the period when Gladiators existed and popularized pairs of footwear that has many straps and forms a distinct T. This generation had known the gladiator fashion in 2008, but this had been around centuries ago during the Greek and Roman dominion. Like the Roma Shoes, the gladiators of the past were significantly flat with a knee-length strap. Several variations are available today, other than the Roma Shoes. Intricate designs add enormous beauty to the legs which is also the top feature of the Roma shoes.


James Cash Penney was so right in founding JC Penney Company, trading in the market as JCPenney. That was more than a century ago, but the company he helped succeed lasts and has become a great part of this century. With 1,100 stores plus the online site, the company continued to become America’s favorite store. It offers a comprehensive collection of clothes, shoes, jewelry and many, many more.   Not only that, JCPenney is always on the lookout for so many things that make shopping a happy one, with one golden rule in mind “treat others the way you like to be treated”. Here are JCPenney’s partnering brands supplying JCPenney’s shoe collection.

The Sketcher’s Collection – Skechers® Garzo Mens Shoe


Sketchers is an American shoe company which started conquering the market in 1992. This Sketchers Garzo Men’s Shoe is the successor of the early products of Sketchers which made the company a reputable one. From thousands of athletic, casual, and dress shoes comes this Sketcher’s Garzo Mens Shoe which is both fashionable and functional. Most of Sketchers’ creation including this Sketchers Garzo Mens Shoes matches greatly with jeans and shorts, ideal for casual wear. It has the following features:

  • Gorgeous leather upper
  • Soft linen lining for extra comfort
  • A great traction rubber sole

Clarks® Collection – Clarks® Pickett Mens Slip On

For over 179 years, Clark Shoes leads the industry becoming one of the world’s leading shoe manufacturer and brand. Still committed to producing top-level quality, Clarks Shoes is bent in giving the best to the world and intends to stay that way for two centuries. The success can be attributed to the family behind the company; true dedication is the edge to surpass any other companies within the same industry.

Sheepskin is Clark’s legacy. By paying close attention to the development of the market, the company evolved into something bigger than what was expected, not realizing how wide the company’s market would become. Eventually, Clarks Shoes has become a household name and is seen everywhere including JCPenney.  Here is a little something about Clarks® Pickett Mens Slip Ons.

The site describes this as “An epitome of indulgent comfort mixed with casual style, much more to that are the following:

  • leather lining
  • slip-on
  • contrast stitching
  • fabric lining

synthetic sole

Eastland® Newport Mens Leather Slip Ons

An experience of more than half a century, Eastland has created all types of shoes; from the casual to the rugged, and from the dress shoes to the comfort shoes.  In constant pursuit of something that will meet the market’s high standard, Eastland makes it a point that it would complement the wearer’s personality.

Here is what. JCPenney com says about this pair of slip-on.

Work or weekend, this leather slip on from Eastland is an easy complement to your look.

  • leather upper
  • double gored inset
  • fully lined
  • cushioned insole
  • unit sole

Check out all of these items at you can also find some JC Penney coupons and deals which can help you save  some money on your purchase of them.


Once upon a time in years gone by, it used to be that a pair of tennis shoes was just that…shoes in which people played tennis, nothing more, nothing less. They could be identified from practically a mile away, and were seen as a necessary burden to endure for the duration of the time the game was being played. Admittedly they were quite functional, but woefully unattractive. True to form however, one top manufacturer of athletic footwear saw it fit to intervene and the rest is history. The result is the Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.

Some argue that the success of the Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9 was inevitable and a foregone conclusion, simply because of the fact that its designer was none other than Tinker Hatfield. This gentleman was the person behind the designs seen on the Air Jordan line, specifically the Air Jordan III through Air Jordan XV. Another feather in the cap, so to speak, of the Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9 comes in the form of one of the best players of the game to have ever graced a tennis court, Roger Federer. It is said that this particular item of footwear is his shoe of choice.

The upper section of the Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9 features an all-new adaptive fit construction. There are finger-like synthetic upper pieces attached to the lacing system. This gives the wearer the option of customizing the wrap of the shoe at six intervals from forefoot to heel. The shoe was designed with a running shoe feel, while at the same time having the necessary stability and support required of tennis shoes. The full-length phylon midsole with Zoom Air unit provides cushioning and a responsive feel. Ventilation and the expected usual Nike comfort are provided courtesy of a lightweight, breathable mesh upper beneath the adaptive fit. Wearers of the Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9 have reported that the shoes feel extremely light, comfortable, and appear to bestow the ability of added speed.

The Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9 comes in so many colorways it would be easier to state what colors they don’t come in as against which ones they do. What is even more exciting is that it is possible for purchasers to design their own colorways, so the possibilities seem endless. Most important of all however, is the fact that these beauties while being fully functional can truly be called eye candy. So much so that even individuals who have never played tennis a day in their lives can be seen sporting them for casual wear. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to avail yourself of a pair. Be warned though, persons who own these shoes have been known to be the object of many stares, some of admiration but the majority of envy!


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