Shoes are not just for fashion and walking function. It can also be used for health treatment and well being. Some shoes displayed over the internet are exclusively fashionable, but other sites have risen above this function. Like any other vision, everything started in a dream; a dream to help people at the same time flourishes a philanthropic business, Dream Products, Inc.

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Stress is all over the land, be it at work, at home, in school, and almost everywhere. With an extremely busy schedule, anyone cannot stay in a massage parlor or a sauna to ward off the negative effect of everyday pressure. With the idea that everyone wears slippers or shoes everyday comes the brilliant concept of combining massage services and a footwear in one. Here are the good-health- promoting features of ACU AIR CLOGS.

  • Feather light acupressure massaging – this feature releases tension as the insole continuously massage the feet. It has been believed that the feet contain all the nerves connected to the major parts of the body. With this concept, this Acu (Acupuncture) Air Clogs is created to help each one gets the massage they needed while working and while doing specific activities, be it personal, corporate, or social activities. As the massage go on daily, the blood circulation increases and the oxygen is spread all over the body.
  •  This pair also has a non-slip safety soles and convertible heel straps for more comfort and convenience. Over-all, it has a secure fit.


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The premise of wearing this is to stimulate reflexology points as the wearer takes one step after the other. This is incorporating massage and work together done as if the wearer is multi-tasking without even exerting much effort. With no money spent on massage, this pair offers the same result to the body. Here is a quick overview of its best features.

  • Hundreds of rubberized massagers are added into its sole to stimulate the feet. It uses the same mystical powers that reflexology has on a person’s body.
  • With added magnetic feature, it works like an acupuncture alleviating digestive disorders, tension, headaches, and more. More and more cases of high blood pressures had been controlled by using this pair of footwear.
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